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"Endometriosis : no need to try and find answers all by yourself"

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Health Professionals

RESENDO is a community-hospital network created 5th May 2015 as an association. The network’s objective is to ensure a quality treatment protocol for women suffering from...

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Questions ?

Is it normal to have painful periods ?

I have stomach pain, I’m imagining it, it must be stress, I’m going mad ?

The only way to diagnose is by laparoscopy ? …

Articles & Informations

Read the latest articles, and about events and other news concerning endometriosis in our blog…

What is endometriosis?


Endometriosis is a common but chronic illness, affecting around 10 to 20 % of all women. It is characterized by the growth of uterine tissue (or endometrial tissue) outside the uterine cavity. The abnormal location for this tissue means that it creates lesions comprising cells, which have the same characteristics as those of the uterine lining…

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