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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it normal to have painful periods


FALSE : Especially if they are painful enough to miss school or work

  • I have stomach pain, I’m imagining it, it’s all down to stress, I’m going mad

FALSE : Especially if it comes in cycles, any abdominal/pelvic pain in a young woman should be investigated for endometriosis

  • The only way to diagnose is by laparoscopy

FALSE : The laparoscopy will only detect the tip of the iceberg, and can only of therapeutic value after a full exploratory diagnosis by medical imagery 

  • The MRI scan is the best way to diagnose

FALSE : It is preferable to perform a pelvic, transvaginal ultrasound

  • I have endometriosis, I will never be able to have children!

FALSE : In 30 to 50 %  of cases there are difficulties in conceiving. After fertility treatment and/or surgery 50-70% achieve pregnancy

  • Taking the pill continuously, having no periods, this is an artificial menopause, it’s dangerous, and will stop me getting pregnant!


FALSE : Missing periods isn’t a problem, this is not the menopause and it’s the only way to stop the illness developing (as does pregnancy and breast feeding), and therefore to preserve fertility

  • Surgery is a permanent cure for endometriosis 

FALSE : In the absence of continuous hormone therapy after surgery even extensive surgery, it will recur within the next 5 years

  • It hurts too much, the only way to treat it is to have everything removed: uterus and ovaries!

FALSE : Surgery can be very thorough and precise, minimally  invasive, and virtually 100 %  effective with regard to any pain

  • The only solutions to ease pain are surgery and hormone therapy 

FALSE : The range of analgesics is extensive, not only using drugs but also varied and very effective physical techniques, which are complimentary to surgery and hormone therapy, the latter being primordial unless planning for pregnancy

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